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For 40+ years, we have specialized in building custom wheels that fit around the most unique of applications for every racing enthusiast across the globe.

Any Lug Pattern, Not A Problem!

With most common fitments now available to purchase online, we still encourage new & returning customers to call us if they have any questions about how our wheel may fit for their use case.

What Fits My Vehicle?

To see what fitments are available on-line:

Start by navigating to our fitment menu on the top & selecting your vehicle. (Your vehicle/fitment not shown? Reach out and ask, we may be able to add it in quick for your ordering convenience!)

All common wheel fitments and accessories like lug nuts, apparel & center caps are centrally located by clicking here: Bogie’s Shop. (Also found using the top menu.)

General Wheel pricing:

Building something custom? Need to get an idea what it may cost without getting an exact quote? Navigate to: Basic Retail Pricing. What about something not normally made such as landing wheels for aircraft? This is your first stop before calling.

Street / Strip Wheels

Street / Strip wheels are rated for daily use, but do require maintenance inspections like all performance parts. Some additions such as bead-locks require extra attention as well as maintenance to ensure a long life.

These wheels are built in a two piece configuration, so that means width availability can be limited to a size that may not work for you. Brake clearance may also be a problem due to the way the inside of the barrel steps.

With advancements in forging technology, we may now include a larger hub pad, machined down to size. We do not use or recommend spacers now that this safer alternative is available.

Competition / Track Wheels

Competition / Track Only wheels are rated for limited use and vehicle is recommended to either be transported to track on trailer, or wheels should be installed/removed before & after the race.

These wheels are built in a three piece configuration. This is done in a way that allows us to build the wheel in a modular format. Did you receive a used, damaged wheel? Send it to us for repair. After inspection we may only have to replace the outer or inner wheel-half instead of forcing you to buy a new wheel.

As a courtesy in this scenario, we would also encourage you to include the “sister” paired front or rear wheel when shipping for inspection. More often than not, we have found the sibling wheel requires the same updates to construction. This helps keep both pairs of wheels in the same condition.

We use a forged center that is machined to specification and then hand assembled in a sandwich like fashion with an outer & inner wheel half, bolted and/or welded together on either side. We may now build a 10″ wide wheel in several different ways that may compliment the offset / backspace to your favor.

Legacy / Fly Series

Legacy / Fly Series wheels are assembled in a two piece configuration using only an outer and inner wheel half + a spacer welded between the two before pairing for some added strength as well as a dual lug pattern in most cases. These wheels are the best bang for your buck for nostalgic / classic builds. Not intended for modern fitments due to fitment availability. Still manufactured the same way Rich originally intended. “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

For more information on all of the different wheel configurations we offer, please navigate using the Wheel Types dropdown on the left hand menu.

In-House Wheel Finishes

All of our wheels come with a standard Polished or Satin finish, this is not chrome. Take care when touching the face of the wheel with your bare hands, as to not transfer even the smallest amount of skin oil.

We also offer in-house powdercoating to help protect the aluminum surface from wear, debris, and light scratches. Standard options include gloss or satin black. Normally, we would do one full coat for the most protection. However, with demand we now offer re-machining of spoke windows & re-engraving front ridges such as the “RT” as well as some custom text options.

Custom re-machining & engraving can take extra time. From masking off certain key spots for perfect re-assembly, to the CnC machine. Lots of custom factors are involved now; putting a finished part into a vertical lathe invites a handful of possibilities.

When you select a single color without re-machining, we will coat the entire wheel when assembled, as to ensure the most protection. When re-machining or a custom finish option is selected, we have to disassemble the wheel, and then reassemble once the proper finish combination is complete. This allows the customer to select things such as silver (nickel) or gold (zinc) bolts to be shown, also making it easier for the end user to replace hardware without damaging the powdercoat layer that is now sealed under each rim bolt after being properly masked, colored and sometimes re-colored.

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