The History of Bogart’s Custom Wheels

It all started in 1976 with two tire, wheel and automotive businesses owned by Rich Bogart.  During this time Rich was doing R&D testing for limited street and circle track (both dirt and asphalt) applications for Monocoque Wheel Company.  Then in 1987 he sold the automotive shops and shifted his focus to a small 800 sq. foot machine shop in Santee, California.  With only one Bridgeport mill, a horizontal band saw and a hand full of tools he innovated the small 10″ diameter Pro Star center for Monocoque Wheel.  During this time he also manufactured aluminum modules for satellites in the aerospace industry.

In October of 1994 we incorporated under the name of Machined Products Inc. (MPI) and moved into a 3,000 sq. foot shop across from Monocoque Wheel.  We started manufacturing our own wheel line of off-road wheels in 1995, with our wheels competing in the Baja 1000 our first year. 

The following year we expanded to the drag and road racing markets.  We took on the spinning requirements for Monocoque Wheels along with our line Bogart Racing Wheels.  During this time, we also started a steel wheel division for circle track and hot rods. Realizing this was not the direction we wanted to go, after two years, we discontinued those lines. 

In 1998 we took over the entire production of Monocoque Wheel,  expanding the shop an additional 13,500 sq. feet, making our entire production area over 16,500 sq. feet located in four different suites in the same complex.  This proved to be very exhausting moving production from suite to suite. 

Therefore, in 2001 we started thinking about moving the operation completely out of state and so began our search.  With the extreme increase in Works Comp. insurance and rent, we knew continuing operations in California would be difficult.  Therefore, in May of 2005 we moved our entire operation to Phoenix, Arizona with everything in one shop, including a much needed larger office area. 

We have come a long way since that 800 sq. foot shop back in Santee, California over 30 years ago. Bogart Racing Wheels is a small family owned business that offers one on one customer service to our racers and dealers. When you call us, you will get one of the owners, not a sales person who just takes the order and forgets about you.  We pride ourselves in our customer service and make it priority to take the time to understand what your needs and requirement are to get the right application. We are dedicated to giving you the best custom made wheel on the market.  We look forward to meeting you at the next race or trade show.

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