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OMF Performance

Since the late 90’s we have partnered with OMF Performance to provide us with the best quality Beadlock on the market. When welded onto our wheels, we measure unparalleled performance & a perfect fit right out of the box that’s consistently flush with any customer’s fenders. When installing a beadlock by hand, we are afforded the ability to fine adjust the offset of the wheel by a half of an inch in either direction.

When a customer asks for something different, it has always been within the realm of possibility. When you need the “Lightest product possible” we take it one step further by machining pockets between the inside bolt holes.

Why would I need a beadlock?

When a customer is running more than 750 Horsepower, we start to hear reports of “tire slip.” – Excessive torque causes the wheel to spin at a faster rate than the tire can, causing the edges of the tire bead to slip on the bead seat surface on the wheel as the tire maintains grip on the surface. This can be measured by making a small chalk mark on the outer lip of your wheel, across the tire by an inch or so. Take a test run and afterwards you may see a gap now between each chalk mark, indicating the tire has moved.

What is a beadlock?

Innovating the idea behind the “wheel/tire screw” idea, which does provide a temporary solution. However, we never liked the idea of drilling screws into tires. OMF machines forged aluminum into two separate rings. One ring is meant to be welded onto the outer half of the wheel, providing a surface to bolt the paired ring on. The purpose of these rings is to provide a new contact surface location for the tire bead to slot into- complete with knurling on the inner edges for maximum grip when properly bolted together. These do require maintenance every so often to ensure proper torque on each bolt. The outer ring may be custom powdercoated & re-machined with a few structural limitations around the bolt locations. (Scroll for examples.)

What is available?

There are three styles available.

  • Standard Draglock
  • Scalloped Beadlock
  • Spiked Beadlock

There are a few additional combination options available beyond the base beadlock designs. Please call for more information.

How to install your beadlock:

Print this file for your convenience.

Standard Draglock

“Steely Dan” Shown with Standard Draglock (Smooth face, no extra machine work.)

15x10 Eliminator Truck Wheel Beadlock

Scalloped Beadlock

15″ Bolted Eliminator shown with Scalloped Beadlock (Smooth Face, no extra machine work.)

17x11 Bolted D10 with beadlock

Scalloped Beadlock

17″ Bolted D10 shown with Scalloped Beadlock & Gunmetal Grey Powdercoat (Machined pockets for cosmetic + extra weight Reduction)

Three Piece Fifteen by ten competition wheel for six lug application

Spiked Beadlock

15″ Bolted D10 shown with Spiked Beadlock (Smooth face, Bogart engraving + Machine work on inside spike tips)

Spiked Beadlock

20″ D10 shown with Spiked Beadlock & Custom Red + Black Powdercoat (Smooth face, Machine work to “Reveal red layer.”)

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