Custom Wheel Halves

Aluminum Billet Sheet

Billet sheet arrives pre cut to specific measurements, in 5052 (To be work hardened) and 6061 (To be heat treated after formation)

Billet sheet squares are then cut into circles to be spun using small amounts of heat to keep the material malleable.

Aluminum circles
Spin Machine forming wheel halve

Doug has been spinning our parts since the 70’s. This Lost Art allows us the ability to spin a variety of “Bell-shaped” Wheel halves with various step profiles. In house, and on demand.

A Dremel hand engraving tool is used to inscribe along the bead seat of each part. The format is: Width/Thickness/Hardness.

Example: The part to the right is 4.5″ Wide, has a thickness of 160 thousandths and is 6061 to be heat treated.

4 1/2 6-6 aluminum wheel half
Aluminum wheel halves in shop

Completed 16×4.5 Wheel halves (Pending heat treat)

Lip edges are to be trimmed into a proper “J” and soap lubricant is then hand washed away before being sent for specialized heat treatment.

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