Build Your Own 15″ (3 Piece) Competition


For simple applications, you may build your own wheel here.

Four (4) Lug options are available. Please call to place an order.

There is a difference between the bolted / welded configuration option.

When choosing bolted: The wheel will be built by the half inch due to the way the center is bolted from behind the wheel assembly. Ex: 15″ x 10.5″ / 15″ x 11.0″

When choosing welded: The wheel will be built by the quarter inch due to the way the center is placed between the wheel halves. Ex: 15″ x 10.75″ / 15 x 11.25″ Please factor in these small variable differences when measuring your own requirements.

Select Powder Coated for one solid color. (This does the best job protecting the wheel from debris & residue)

Select Re-Machined if you would like us to re-engrave your center after powdercoat, before assembly for a unique look. (This is only available when building a bolted wheel due to the configuration. We will follow up with a phone call to correct if Welded + Re-machined options are chosen together.)

When selecting powdercoat options, please include preference in the order notes between Gloss or Satin Black at checkout or call for exotic color options.

Keep in mind that Configuration \ Style \ Powder Coat \ Bolt Pattern \ Backspace options do not change the price of your wheel.

Pricing is shown for one wheel. Please select two for a pair, or four for a set. (If applicable)

Be aware what fitment your vehicle may require when selecting backspace. We may follow up with a phone call to confirm if your selection may not be applicable.


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Designed as a three-piece wheel, this configuration features a forged Aluminum center piece, machined to specification & slotted in-between two Aluminum wheel halves before being welded and/or bolted together.

This modular design allows us the ability to adjust the backspace/offset in both directions, tucking the wheel into the fender for a perfect fit out of the box.

All options are priced for the standard “J” lip as shown in the photos.

If you require a custom backspace, bolt pattern, or finish combination that is not listed please call to order.

For Spindle-mount & Ultralight options, please call for more information.


Welded, Bolted


3.5", 7", 8", 8.5", 9", 9.5", 10", 10.5", 11", 11.5", 12", 12.5", 13", 13.5", 14", 14.5", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5", 17"


1.75", 2.0", 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3.0", 3.25", 3.5", 3.75", 4.0", 4.25", 4.5", 4.75", 5.0", 5.25", 5.5", 5.75", 6.0", 6.25", 6.5", 6.75", 7.0", 7.25", 7.5", 7.75", 8.0", 8.25", 8.5"


Eliminator, D10, D14, GT, RT, Force 5, Aluma Light, Pro Star, Drag Star


Polished, Powder Coated, Re-Machined

Bolt Pattern

5 x 135, 5 x 4.75, 5 x 4.5, 5 x 5, 5 x 5.5, 6 x 4.5, 6 x 5, 6 x 5.5, 6 x 135, 8 x 6.5, 8 x 170, 8 x 180

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